Thursday, October 30, 2014

PEN REVIEW: Platinum Plaisir

Brand/Make:  Platinum
Model:  Plaisir
Nib Size:  Medium
Color:  Black 
Price:   $22

The Platinum Plaisir. An extremely affordable pen considering the performance. This is what I would describe as the "Beginner's" fountain pen. Great for those just getting into fountain pens and they do not want to spend a whole bunch of money on pens. Some of the great qualities of this pen include that it is scratch resistance and the new cap technology can prevent the ink from drying for up to a whole year.

Upon receiving this pen (Thanks to my friends at Goldspot) I popped in the ink cartridge that came with it and started writing away. Here is what I noticed:
  • Smooth
  • Definitely puts down a nice, wet,  Medium line
  • Lightweight (but not cheap feeling)
  • Comfortable to hold
  • You are able to watch the ink flow through the feed.
This is definitely a great pen, and I could have probably even gone with a Fine nib and been happy too! The fact that this pen comes in 7 colors (or more) is pretty awesome in itself. Cleaning this pen is also a breeze. Get some distilled water and a baby nose syringe and you are all set. This pen also takes a converter as well (Like some $6 or $7).

Disclaimer: I received (won) this pen (with a few others) in a bundle giveaway and this in no way changes my opinion or thoughts of these items.

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