Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas joys

Coffee, cookies, and journals. One of many perfect ways enjoy Christmas day. I smile as I write this because I get the blessing to watch my husband and our son Tanner playing with Thomas the Train motorized sets. As adults, I think we tend to have a little 'kid' left in us, even after growing up, that we don't want to let go of.

Lily and LC

The snow has been limited this year....for which I am thankful for! Nothing as heavy as what we had last year, but we still have a couple of inches. I love as it as snow lightly brushes the fur trees with powder. Just enough to add a beautiful accent and not bury the tree.

One of the many things I enjoy about living in Idaho is that you are never far from a forest park. Enjoy a nice drive and see where you end up. The mysteries that lay hidden in the forests are endless!

 I have decided to try to pick up my blogging
again, but am going to stay away (as much as possible) from blogging about personal stuff. Journals, pens, and photography will be my main focus...with an occasional review or sharing of things I have tried off of Pinterest here and there.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pentel Energel Aluminum Alloy Pen

Pentel Energel Aluminum Alloy Barrel Gel Pen

FYI: I am not an expert on doing pen reviews and may not use all of the correct "terminology" that some of you out there may use. I am just writing about a product that I enjoy and want to share with other pen collectors and such.

This pen has become one of my most used and favorite pens. I am a sucker for smooth writing, quick drying, sturdy pens. So here are some of the things that I L.O.V.E. about this pen:

  1. Heavy duty - Is heavier than a regular G2 pen and most other pens.
  2. Smooth writing ink
  3. Ink drys really quick - which is great for journal writing!
  4. Sturdy tough pen can handle being tossed around in a purse or dropped.
Metallic Baby Blue

So I did some writing tests. I used a regular college ruled spiral notebook (as shown below). Probably some of the thinnest paper I have ever used.  The ink in this pen does not bleed through and works just about as good (if not better) as some of my G2 Limited pens.  I am generally writing in journals with heavier paper than what is found in a spiral notebook and have no problems, smudging, running, etc. This pen is my choice for journal writing and jotting down important information at work.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Busy Days Ahead

It has been a while since I have last written. I suppose blogging has taken a back burner for me. I have been really busy lately. With a job, two kids, some fuzzy animals, and most importantly a husband to spend time with, well needless to say, I have been busy from the minute I wake to the minute before I settle into bed (and sometimes beyond that).

The weather has been getting cooler here. BRRR! I hate this cold weather. I have been out horseback riding more and more though, working with the horses and enjoying a small break from the kids from time to time. I went to the Women's Retreat this year that our Church participated in. What an awesome retreat. Next year I think I might go for the whole thing instead of just the talks. It feels great to be growing closer to God.

Some recent exciting news. My son Tanner's goat, Chloe, the one that got stolen along with my horse, finally showed up. A neighbor found her wandering through the woods of his property. We are thrilled to have her back home, and I think she is happy to be home. Tanner is definitely glad to have her back and goes in to give her attention daily. Blessings. That is truly a God thing.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wanting and on the Wishlist!

Now that I have returned to work, my desires have led to towards something that I want...yet I find myself reasoning with myself that it is a "need". Not sure how much of a need it is as much as it is a want LOL. I have been working at my job for over four years now! The LONGEST I have ever kept a job. Yea, impressive. Anyhoo, so my job requires that I am able to write reports and daily logs as well as keep track of different things. I have been through hard plastic clipboards, and even went and invested in faux leather padfolios. But with the job I do, I can be a bit hard on anything that comes along with me in my big ol' vehicle. So I Google searched for Leather Padfolios and Notepad holders. I fell in love when I laid my eyes on this:

I read the reviews and I do not think I crossed ONE negative review! Not ONE. It appears to be made in a heavy duty manner (good for my job) and it looks really nice. But there is one problem... The cost!

Yes, folks, this brand new notepad holder by Saddleback Leather costs $148 (Shipping NOT included!). YIKES! I suppose for now I will be searching eBay for now to TRY and attempt to purchase one at a more "reasonable" price. It is so tempting for me to just want to go out and buy it, because it looks so nice and, well again I keep reasoning with myself that I "need" it...*cough* WANT *cough*.

Hopefully one day (in the near future) I can own something like this and try it out. Because for $150, it had BETTER hold up very well.