Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pentel Energel Aluminum Alloy Pen

Pentel Energel Aluminum Alloy Barrel Gel Pen

FYI: I am not an expert on doing pen reviews and may not use all of the correct "terminology" that some of you out there may use. I am just writing about a product that I enjoy and want to share with other pen collectors and such.

This pen has become one of my most used and favorite pens. I am a sucker for smooth writing, quick drying, sturdy pens. So here are some of the things that I L.O.V.E. about this pen:

  1. Heavy duty - Is heavier than a regular G2 pen and most other pens.
  2. Smooth writing ink
  3. Ink drys really quick - which is great for journal writing!
  4. Sturdy tough pen can handle being tossed around in a purse or dropped.
Metallic Baby Blue

So I did some writing tests. I used a regular college ruled spiral notebook (as shown below). Probably some of the thinnest paper I have ever used.  The ink in this pen does not bleed through and works just about as good (if not better) as some of my G2 Limited pens.  I am generally writing in journals with heavier paper than what is found in a spiral notebook and have no problems, smudging, running, etc. This pen is my choice for journal writing and jotting down important information at work.