Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wanting and on the Wishlist!

Now that I have returned to work, my desires have led to towards something that I want...yet I find myself reasoning with myself that it is a "need". Not sure how much of a need it is as much as it is a want LOL. I have been working at my job for over four years now! The LONGEST I have ever kept a job. Yea, impressive. Anyhoo, so my job requires that I am able to write reports and daily logs as well as keep track of different things. I have been through hard plastic clipboards, and even went and invested in faux leather padfolios. But with the job I do, I can be a bit hard on anything that comes along with me in my big ol' vehicle. So I Google searched for Leather Padfolios and Notepad holders. I fell in love when I laid my eyes on this:

I read the reviews and I do not think I crossed ONE negative review! Not ONE. It appears to be made in a heavy duty manner (good for my job) and it looks really nice. But there is one problem... The cost!

Yes, folks, this brand new notepad holder by Saddleback Leather costs $148 (Shipping NOT included!). YIKES! I suppose for now I will be searching eBay for now to TRY and attempt to purchase one at a more "reasonable" price. It is so tempting for me to just want to go out and buy it, because it looks so nice and, well again I keep reasoning with myself that I "need" it...*cough* WANT *cough*.

Hopefully one day (in the near future) I can own something like this and try it out. Because for $150, it had BETTER hold up very well.