Monday, October 13, 2014

Monteverde: Re-Nib'd

In adding to my small collection of fountain pens, I have run into an issue with a couple of my Monteverde pens. I am not sure if it was just luck of the draw (and I got lucky...twice) or if it is a quality control issue that the nibs just plain suck.

I originally had a 1.1mm nib in my Monteverde Jewelria when I purchased it. It worked "okay" for a small amount of time. After about a week or so of use, I started having issues with the tines. Even after a bit of tinkering, I was un-able to get it to work properly. So I decided to jump on a Goulet #6 two tone Fine nib.

 Then after stumbling upon my other Monteverde score - A Monteverde Intima Volcano Grey on eBay -  I had the same issues. Yet again I was left with a few choices; to clean it out and store the pen for an undescribed amount of time, or to buy a new nib from the Goulet Pen Company. So yet another small financial addition to another Monteverde pen.

Now both of my Monteverde pens write B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L !!! (Thanks to the Goulet Pen Company for offering some superb nibs!). The only painful part is that you are spending an additional $15 (for a nib) on top of the original pen purchase price. However in my opinion, it is worth it! The Goulet nibs write so smooth, almost buttery smooth. So my recommendation is high for anyone who has a pen with a crappy nib; go buy a Goulet nib!

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