Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Conklin Stylograph Fountain Pen - Review

Anyone who truly knows me, understands my love for plaid or vintage looking things. This pen fits the bill. Now, as I got a screaming deal on this pen (considering for what it sells for)...Well, let's just get to the review!

Brand: Conklin
Model: Stylograph Mosiac
Nib Size: Medium
Price: $145 at Conklin  or around $116 at other retailers.
Other info:Takes a converter (Comes with one with most retailers) 
Also takes cartridges.
Made out of resin and nicely polished chrome trim.
The clip is spring loaded; so easy to get on and off.

What makes this pen a pleasure to use is it's comfort. The nib is a flexible Cushion point steel nib. This feature only adds to the pleasure of this writing instrument. The coating on the fountain pen is smooth and is somewhat shimmery too. I suppose that just adds to the appeal  as well!

My writing experience with this pen has been pleasurable thus far. I always recommend flushing every new pen you receive BEFORE inking it up. This is said to help reduce the likelihood of problems arising when first writing with it. Plus it is just good "house-keeping" for your pens. (I use distilled water and a bulb syringe to flush my pens out most of the time).

Well, this pen is smooth! 99.8% buttery smooth. There may be just the ever so slightest hint of feedback.. You can just barely tell that the pen is touching the paper. So for people like me, perfect pen! It has a tad bit more feedback on cheap copy/printer paper (and thus also writes a more fine line on that kind of paper as well too). So depending on the paper you use, depends on the line width you may get.

Very nicely polished chrome fittings

Conklin logo. I love the font...

From Left to Right - Lamy Studio, Lamy Al-Star, Conklin Stylograph, Pilot Prera

The above photo gives you a decent idea of the size of the pen. Now, all these pens fit nicely in my hands while writing. However, I have average/medium hands. For the wieght of this pen, I would say that it is similar to the Lamy Studio (The gray/silver on all the way to the left). The stylograph is almost darn near the same in length/size to the Lamy Studio as well.

I would not say that I write with the pen capped. It seems at that point to feel too top heavy. So, thus, I keep the cap in  a separate safe place while writing.

So in my honest opinion, this pen is worth the money. It performs beautifully! And is in a decent price range for what you get - however I do suggest shopping around at other places. You may just find a better deal at an online auction site or somewhere else. Until then, my friends and fellow writers, have a great rest of your 2014 year and see you in the New Year 2015!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Nemosine Singularity - Review

Don't mind the specks of stuff by the nib...we had been making Christmas cookies earlier.... hehehe

Brand: Nemosine
Model: Singularity
Color:  Ivory
Nib Size: 0.8mm stub
Other Info:  Takes a cartridge or converter. 
Material is said to be Resin. Chrome trim. Stainless steel
nib that is made in Germany.

This pen was actually quiet the pleasure to write with. Besides the one main issue I had with ink leaking at the top of the cap (See pics below), it performed fairly well. It did skip from time to time, however it was pretty rare that it did so. This pen was ink'd up with "Diamine Monaco Red" .  The 0.8mm stub nib was just perfect in that I could use it for calligraphy AND even writing in my journal. And there is nothing better than a dual purpose pen! I would not say that the nib is buttery smooth, however it writes nicely; with just a slight bit of feedback. The grip section feels great. Even after writing for a while, it doesn't get slippery or anything. The nib is a German made nib (which I fancy). Overall, I would say that you get a pretty decent pen for a reasonable price.

  • Smooth writer. 
  • Fairly light-weight
  • Reasonable price

  • Leakage at the cap
  • Twist cap

As you can see, there is some leakage on the cap

So, in regards to the cap leaking. I have no clue  why it is doing this, and it does not do it all the time. When I saw this, I opened up the pen and saw a small bit of ink pooled up in the cap. It is not like it leaked droplets from the cap. This could present a problem if it travels regularly. My assumption is that the ink became pooled in the cap due to frequent and possibly rough movement. My daily usage pens are kept in a 12 pen leather case. That case gets frequent abuse in my purse, and is set in many different directions. I treat it almost like a wallet...but for my pens instead of debit cards, my ID and such. If it makes it any better, this was not the only pen in that case to have some ink in the cap or excessive ink on the nib.

The cap, which is neatly engraved "Nemosine" on the chrome

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas cards, letters, and surprises!

Tis the season for Christmas cards and letter writing galore! Christmas time seems to bring about the letter writers and the pretty little cards that talk about the holidays and wishing happiness and joy to family and friends. Christmas, this year, came up on me a bit fast. I was unable to get the family pictures done in time to send out cards to family and friends, however maybe I can send them out as a "Happy New Year" thing. So thus I am left with plain ordinary cards that are enhanced with a few words from our family, some calligraphy (which I am practicing on and very new to), and a scripture from the Bible that is a favorite of mine.

Hot Cocoa, a Christmas card,and my newest addition ... A Conklin Duragraph in Amber!

It has been a very busy Christmas season for our family/ With the surprise addition of twin girls to our family....

"Pippy" is the black and white one with black legs. "Keiko" is the almost completely back one.

... that is, twin doelings! One of our favorite female goats (Chloe is her name) had twin girls in early December! And as you can see, they are quiet the active, acrobatic, energetic little girls. We are looking forward to hopefully adding them to our breeding program in the future years to come. If not, they will make great pets!

So, where was I... Yes, Christmas cards. I have enjoyed playing around with the calligraphy. Especially since becoming a subscriber to UPPERCASE magazine. It is somewhat expensive for a magazine, but as you only pay that price once ever three months, it is not really that bad. Plus you are supporting "local" business. The artwork and articles are informative, intriguing and beautiful. I look forward to subscribing to future editions and I encourage you to give it a try, even if it is just one magazine. Try it.

Indeed it is time to start whipping out the camera and doing some more reviews! Some new items have arrived and I would love to share them with you. Until then, have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Winter Horse Photography & Updates

Well, I figured that I would share some photography while I wait for some new "surprises" to arrive in the mail. I was expecting them Thursday (tomorrow) however it appears via the USPS website that they will not arrive until Friday! Bummer. So be on the look out for some pen and possibly more ink reviews in the near future.

This is my good friend's mare. She is a beautiful roan Quarter Horse. Both of her horses are absolutely stunning. My photography is not that great with Horses and animals yet...moving targets can be a little tricky to photograph (especially at night, which it was nearing dark when I took these pictures).

This is her other horse, a Quarter Horse gelding. I absolutely love this guy, he is such a cuddle bug! And a BIG cuddle bug at that!

My (dirty) Appaloosa gelding Bruno. Yes, his eyes tend to creep a LOT of people out. He has two blue eyes. However, he is the sweetest and most gentle boy to handle.

This shot was not one I took purposefully to "hang on the wall". It was just a cute shot that I took. The black mare on the left is my husband's horse Gracie. Bruno (in the middle) who is not very fond of Lobo (Sorrel on the right) being so close to him. Horses will be horses as the saying goes.

This was a beautiful shot of the creek in the horses pasture. I hope to do some more photography in the very near future. So look forward to that, and if you like this pictures, come check out my Flickr account, where you can see more of my work.