Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Galen Leather Traveler's Notebook Cover - Review

Galen Leather Traveler's Notebook Cover 

This is a long overdue review of this wonderful Traveler's Notebook cover. The good part about the delay in reviewing this is that I have really had a good chance to see what this leather cover is really made of.  Galen Leather is a small leather shop or of Istanbul, Turkey that is owned and run by a brother and sister team. What amazes me is that is the two of them creating such beautiful leather items to protect our most loved items.... journals, pens,  and tablets (and so much more)! Here is Galen Leather!

The product materials:

The material is 2-3mm vegetable oak tanned cow leather. That is what these lovely cases and covers are made of. That start out a tad stiff (as most leather will) and become more pliable with time. All edges are hand finished

How to care for it:

You can care for this product by using Neatsfoot oil or Olive oil. The leather only requires a light layer of oil 1-2 times a year. You can treat minor scuffs and scratches as follows:

Treating scuffs & scratches 
1. Apply a very small dab of oil on finger.
(If you don't have oil on hand, instructions say you can rub the tip of thumb or finger along cleft between nose and nostril for some oil. Gross as it sounds, I'm sure it would work in a pinch).
2. Rub onto scuff/scratch with circular motion.

If you spill something on it (or happen to smush a bug with it -not that I would know), they clean up really easil. A quick swipe with a baby wipe or paper towel and your set.


The durability of these covers is really impressive. This cover comes with 4 elastic straps, which hold the notebooks in nicely.  You can you anything from Moleskine to Piccadilly, and many other journal choices.  The strong elastic straps are great for safely holding and helping to organize you Bullet journal,  Prayer journal,  and General notes journal.

My Opinion:

This cover is beautiful and durable. Well worth the price.  Galen Leather also makes a variety of sizes and options - from iPad covers to mini notebook covers. Their product lineup can be found on their website:
these covers are really nice and durable,  considering my things get packed into my purse and tossed around. There is only one thing that kind of irks me.  The bronze charm, at least the one I have,  trends to scratch up the front of the cover.  Nothing too deep and in most cases a very light application of Olive oil or Neatsfoot takes care of it.  For me,  it adds character.

And finally... the cost:

  • Depending on the size -$23 to $48
  • Sizes include: passport, pocket, regular, large, A5, extra large. 
  • Colors choices vary - GREATLY!