Favorite Inks

Here, I have compiled a list of inks that I own/ or plan on purchasing in the near future. This list is based off of my personal tastes in color and what I like to see in an ink. The pictures of the inks shown below are from the Goulet Pen website since they take such beautiful pictures that really and truly do show the ink colors in their truest and most accurate tones.

What I look for in inks...
  • I like character
  • shading
  • visibility/readability (how easy is it to read what was written with the ink, once it has dried).
  • how fast the ink dries
  • how heavy does it bleed through paper (if at all)?

Noodler's Burma Road Brown

Noodler's Blue-Black

Noodler's 54th Massachusetts

Diamine Ancient Copper

De Atramentis Orchids (Scented)


  1. Dear,

    if you like to write me a letter: I´d like to see all these inks on paper - except the brown. My adress and photos of some of my inks on paper are on the InCoWriMo page.

    Best ragards from Germany


  2. Ashley, I too have ordered from Goulet for samples as I am just starting out. I do believe I will be needing something to store them in - contemplating their container they have for this very purpose...