My Work

As a beginner in photography, I am able to enjoy all the random shots (and sometimes weird ones) that come with learning how to take good photos. I have several good quality devices that I use to take photos. I have my own style and I do not claim to "copy" anyone else or their style.

I am mainly interested in shooting photography that has to do with nature and animals and generally anything along those lines. Sometimes I will shoot photographs of old cars that I see at car shows (mainly because my husband likes them).

As I progress in my photography and my skills grow, I hope to someday be able to shoot family portraits and shots for my friends and family. Maybe even do a few weddings one day. Further pictures can be found at my flickr website posted below. Thank you and enjoy my photos!

Creek In Glacier National Park.

So let's get lost in a world of captured beauty!

Further photographs may be seen here on my Flickr website.
My Photography