Monday, July 17, 2017

Lamy Love

My oh my has it been some time since I last posted in my blog! I suppose that is what happens when life takes you for a roller coaster ride. Between work, the farm, my husband and his health, and then our two rowdy boys, I think I am plain exhausted by the end of every day. I was able to get some times to snap some pictures of my favorite brand of pen – Lamy!

Lamy love, call it what it is! I can say with confidence that this is one of the best brand of fountain pens out there. They stand by their products and when something goes wrong, they are there to promptly repair it or give advice. These pens are workhorses. Every single Lamy I have has stood up to purse abuse, slippery hand abuse, unknowledgeable fountain pen user abuse, and much more.  Out of all the Lamy pens I have so far (and I do not even have that many compared to all the models they have), I would have to say the Al-Star is my favorite. It is affordable, flashy, and a work horse. Starts every time, strong enough to take a beating, and very versatile. Daily user, weekly user, doesn’t matter what type of user….this pen will take the challenge.  Even with shimmer inks, this pen writes well (just don’t let the shimmer ink settle too long or you may get some hard starts – as with any pen and shimmer ink)


While I would love to sit here and do a review of each Lamy brand I have, I can promise you that there are already dozens and dozens of Lamy reviews online that would have similar opinions. I suppose I just wanted to brag and show off the collections thus far. Currently I have 6 different Lamy’s inked up. If you want a pen that is easy to use, easy to clean, can stand rough handling, then a Lamy is what you want.