Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Super 5 Dublin

Super 5 Dublin is definitely different than the many other inks I have tried. It has taken me some time to fiddle with it, write with it, and finally get picture for a review. So let the review commence...

Brand: Super 5
Color/Type: Dublin
Cost:  $27.95 for a 50ml Bottle at Goulet Pen Co.
Pen Used in: Lamy Al-Star Blue/Green Fine point
Paper used: Tomoe River and various other paper types
Color Shades: Green, Moss, Avocado, Swamp.

My experience with this ink has been fairly pleasant. In the sample bottle, it tends to look kind of pasty. That said, I was left a bit hesitant on how it would write.

This ink is free flowing, smooth, and beautiful when it comes out. It dries a bit a lighter than what it starts out as and has decent shading.A fairly light-weight ink.

Dry Time: What I really noticed about this ink was the dry times. This ink  dries impeccably fast! In about 5 seconds, it's 99% dry. It dries fast on just about any type of paper (Tomoe, Staples Tablet, and a Medium to Heavy weight copy paper). I have even been using this ink for my note-taking at work, and I absolutely enjoy using it because it does tend to dry much faster than my other inks.

Feathering: I also noticed that this ink really does not tend to feather very much. Where I did notice some very slight feathering was with light weight copy papers. Not sure if it is just the brand of paper or something else. However, I did not notice any feathering on a Medium/Heavy weight copy paper from Office Max (will have to locate the brand), nor did it feather on the Staples Tablet or Tomoe River paper.

Side Note: I did notice, by mistake, that this ink does not tolerate water very well and bleeds very badly when water is dripped on the ink, even after it has dried for quiet some time.

Price: This ink costs approximately $27.95 for a 50ml bottle of ink. This is right up there with Pilot Iroshizuku and Pelikan Edelstein. My personal opinion, I think that is a bit high for a bottle of ink, especially since it is in a comparable price range to Pilot and Pelikan inks (and a few others).

Here are some images from the web to help assist you in identifying what the color looks like...

via: Goulet Pen Co.

Well, being my first review in a while, it feels good to be back. Between work and family (and the farm) it has been very hard to find time to do what I enjoy - and that is blogging about Pens, Inks, and Journals! Writing is food for the soul! Take care everyone and I look forward to another review in the near future.