Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Moleskine find!

It's not very often that I find a good journal deal around where I live. Heck,  the nearest fountain pen show is down in Portland,  Oregon. But just yesterday, I happened to stumble upon quiet a nice find while my family and I were out shopping. Plus it was at Costco of all places! With a deal like that I couldn't pass it up.

A 6 pack of large Moleskine cahiers! Usually a 3 pack will cost around $14 at Moleskine. However at Costco,  you get 6 for $20 (at least at the Costco near us.). Being a pen and Journal lover,  this was a very exciting find for me.  

You get two grey,  two tan, and two black journals. These journals are the perfect size for taking notes or staying on that memoir you have been doing to write. I have yet to figure out what I will use mine for. 

I find that these journals tend to be fairly fountain pen friendly,  with quiet a few inks. There is very minimal minimal is almost non existent.  No bleed through. I didn't see any feathering,  but I am sure the effects may vary with different inks and pens used.

I am not sure how long Costco will have this awesome deal,  so go get your Moleskine while you can!