Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fountain Pen Deals & Special Buys!

Usually I do a mid week link post sharing those links that I found interesting and wanted to share. However, I have chosen to go in a slightly different direction. I would like to share some awesome deals that are available through a website called "Massdrop".  If you are not sure what Massdrop is about, it is fairly simple. People go on Massdrop, vote on what they would like to buy, and then the manufacturer or retailer is contacted. The more people who commit to buying, the cheaper the item gets. So with no further adeau, here are the specials currently going on!

Lamy 2000 - $104 (Normally $200) (Free Shipping)

Pilot Metropolitan (2 Pack) - $23.99 ( 37.50 MSRP) (Free Shipping)


Pilot G-TEC-C 12 pack of pens - $19.99 ($30 MSPR) (Free Shipping)

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