Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Photography Share

With the kind of month I have had (2 goat kids die, a third had to be put down), I wanted to share some of the more positive things for me... photography!

A bucket-o-goats! Sadly one of them in this picture was one of the kids we lost,  but it's still a cute photo. Trying to get 7 kids in a bucket and to stay in a bucket is no easy deal.

Feeding time! I had to be quick with this rear shot. My husband was putting hay in their feeder for them.  A good handful of our Nigerian Dwarfs,  but not all of them.

Sebastian.  Born outn of a new doe and buck. He was 1 of three babies, however sadly one of his brothers didn't make it :(.

Lady, our 10 (ish) year old Alpine x Boer doe who have us triplets this year!  2 girls and 1 boy. We are keeping both her daughters.

Millie, one of our doeling girls born this year.

And my favorite shot of a country road...

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Exacompta Journal 21 - Page per day

5.25 x 8.25

I have been looking forward to reviewing this daily journal from Exacompa. This is from their "page per day" challenge.  This planner has been wonderful for me worth my busy life.  You can mark appointments by the half-hour starting at 8:00am to 9:00pm. Although my day stays way before 8am, I am still able to utilize this with no problem. What is nice is that it gives you a full day for Saturday and Sunday too! Many calendars share one page for both days (if your lucky that is). When my wetlands are busy and is nice to be able to schedule things or note things I have done. This also comes with a soft, thin,  edit durable leather cover and is refillable.  Which does not contain PVC. What is PVC you say? "PVC leather is a type of faux leather that is made by covering a base of natural or synthetic material with vinyl, made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and plasticizers". ( › blog ›).

This planner is also fountain pen friendly ...for most fountain pens.  No feathering or bleed through. Smooth paper that is reasonably fast to dry as well.  Thr paper is 72g, acid-free and pH neutral paper. While  I don't fill in every line or day,  I use my journal for other things too. Such as:
  • My grocery list
  • My to do list
  • things of note that I heard 
  • spending transactions
  • last or songs I heard and like. 
  • Keep track of things that were not scheduled that I did

and the list goes on...

This journal also had prefferated edges in the lower corners to tear out after each day had come and gone. It makes it really nice when you are trying to flip straight to the day you are on. You do not have to spend long seconds flipping around to find the right day. Just flip it open. 

It also lays flat with minimal to no effort. Very flexible journal that can fit into your purse (okay, larger type purse), messenger bag, school bag,  and more.  And you can use it with confidence that the spine is all bound and will not start producing loose leaf paper. This little journal is a tough one.

I have never been a person to use planners or calendars much.  However this one had had me working now and more organized than ever before in my life. The can be purchased for around $30 and it includes the journal. Tells can be purchased from $22 to $25 depending on where you go.