Thursday, June 5, 2014

Upcoming: Sheaffer 100

What a happy day for me! I finally pulled out (ok, 'found') my ol' Sheaffer 100 fountain pen  that I had purchased several years ago. This was back before I was really knowledgeable in fountain pens. Sure enough I also located the Sheaffer gift box that not only holds my standard ink cartridges, but also held the cartridge converter for my Sheaffer pen (Glorious day!).

Since it has been at least, two-three months since I last wrote with my Sheaffer, it still had the old empty cartridge in it (which I am saving) and lots of purple ink in it. I must have flushed 80ml AT LEAST of water through that pen to clean it. My Lamy's have not required such a hefty flush (yet). My intentions were to ink it up with Noodler's Antietam (since It is the ink I have the most left of in my collection of sample vials). However, since this pen required such a heavy flush, I am going to let it sit over night to dry and ink it up tomorrow morning.

I will have a review of that pen and some pictures hopefully in the next few days! Look forward to it!

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