Friday, June 6, 2014

Sheaffer 100

This review is a couple years over-due! LOL. Well, that is, I bought this pen several years ago and have only just recently (within the last 6 months) been doing pen, ink, and journal reviews. Honestly, I love it too! Hand writing is something that has faded since my generation has grown into adulthood. I remember when in elementary school they taught you to write in cursive. Your paper's had to be hand-written first, and then typed up for the final draft. Oh the good ol' days.

Yes, I forgot to "polish" my pen before taking pictures, so finger prints are visible

Anyhow, back to current day reality! So, my Sheaffer 100 pen in chrome. I must say, this is a great pen to write with. I used to write with it a lot, before I got hooked on some nice gel pens (G2 Limited Editions) and then it only got use once in a while in my journal. So now that it has had a good flush and is inked up with some Noodler's Antietam, it is ready to write!

The first think I noticed right off the bat was that the Sheaffer produced a smaller (thiner) line than my Lamy's. It writes smoothly. Ink flows evenly and almost better than it does with my Lamy fountain pens.

The difference is not significantly noticeable (at least not at a distance) however you can see in the picture above, the difference in lines that the Sheaffer fine nib (Left) and the Lamy Safari fine nib (Right) produce.

Please excuse any improper grammar. LOL

  • Smooth writing
  • Ink flows evenly
  • Nice, thin line for a 'Fine'
  • Heavy weight pen
  • Easy to fill.

  • A pain in the butt to clean & flush
  • Is not extremely ergonomic, so writing for long periods can make hands/fingers sore
  • Clip is pretty stiff, so putting on a shirt pocket, may be tricky.
  • Cap posts "OK", however makes it a bit heavier at that end.

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  1. Clean simple lines. I have wondered about this pen. Until recently I had a lot of fountain pens but only owned two that cost me over $30. One I like but it has a converter I don't care for (Cavalier) and the most expensive one was a huge disappointment (Waterman). But now I have two Preras and a TWSBI mini and I love them! I've been more into inks than pens, I guess. Preppys were fine with me--but now the Preras, especially, have spoiled me--LOL! Oh, and I love the new fine Pilot Metropolitans and they're only like $15!