Monday, June 16, 2014

New Finds (unburials)

Do you know how amazing it is when you find all of your fountain pens that you were not sure the location of? It is an amazing feeling, to say the least. I was happy to have "recovered" 6 fountain pens that I bought years ago! Guess what I did next....

Yup. I cleaned them. I think I spent over an hour, cleaning the pens (flushing) and rinsing out converters and cartridges which I plan to re-use. There are two pens in which the ink had sat in them for so long (way too long for a fountain pen) and the ink had dried 10x over on them! So rinsing was just not an option. They are currently soaking in some rinse. Hopefully that helps get the ink off of them.

However, I worked hard enough to get two of them clean enough and refilled with ink. I am looking forward to doing some writing tonight and seeing how they do. Either they will write great or they will need more cleaning and fine tuning.

Baoer Fountain Pen
 This is one of the pens I cleaned and refilled (with Noodler's Antietam). The picture quality stunk since my cell phone (nor my camera) wanted to perform well for me tonight. Must have been the lighting. I am not sure of the nib size on this, however, and I am not sure how to tell. This was an eBay buy years ago.

Ohto Dude - Japanese
This one is my Ohto Dude fountain pen. Again, I am not sure of the nib size of this pen, but I would assume it is a Fine or Medium. This was purchased a couple years ago on Jet Pens. I remember when I first wrote with it. I must have been, because the ink cartridge that was in it was completely empty! Now it is time to get this beauty up and writing again.

These old finds mean....REVIEWS! Yes I will be doing reviews in the near future of not only these pens I have cleaned and found, but some of the inks that they currently are inked up with. Here is what you can look forward to in the near future....

  • Ohto Dude Review
  • Baoer Fountain Pen Review
  • Baoer Comparison Fountain Pen review (may combine with the previous one)
  • Diamine Oxblood Ink Review
  • De Atramentis William Shakespeare Ink Review
  • Diamine Rustic Brown Ink Review
  • Noodler's Army Green Ink Review


  1. Cool! I am not familiar with either of the pictured pens so will love to hear what you think of them. And I don't know all of those inks, either. Fun! :)

    1. I am looking forward to doing the reviews. However, one review will be changing a tad bit (since I had an oops with some ink :-/ And I have a review coming up with three of the inks I listed above, hopefully tonight