Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A future 'New' journal.

I have to give thanks to Mr. J Robert Lennon for doing a review on this notebook on the Seven Seas Writer Notebook. This may very well be my new journal of choice. I may have to purchase one in the near future. I decided to share this with you all incase anyone else wants to see what is "new" out there for journals!


  1. That shadowing would drive me bonkers--LOL! That's just me. I hate being able to practically read the back side through the paper like that. I also prefer a thinner line spacing because I use finer nibbed fountain pens. I love my QuoVadis Habanas (5.5 line spacing, no bleed through, very little shadowing except with a few deeply saturated dark inks), but I am always on the lookout for fountain pen friendly journals. Looks beautiful, but this one would not be for me. :)

    1. I also was not very impressed with the Shadowing. I too like thinner lines, but have recently discovered that while writing with my F point Lamy pens, I really enjoy somewhat larger spaces (like in my paperblanks journals). I will have to review these Piccadilly notebooks that I have because I believe they also shadow through a tad bit. Quo Vadis Habana... I think I may have purchased one in the past... Now I am gonna have to go look back through my collection of journals (written in) and see if I have used one and what the ink looks like.