Friday, May 16, 2014

This or That?

Oh how I am trying not to go for another fountain pen....resist the temptation!
But how can I? It is for a LAMY! I have been really dying for a Lamy Safari Neon Coral now for a couple months. Recently I have been looking over the Lamy Vista and am now on the fence. I love the fact that it has great visibility into the pen! However, I love the color of the Safari....

Either way I choose to go, I think I would decided to order one with an Extra Fine nib. I have several Lamy's with fine nibs and they write really well. However, I would love to see if I can get a thinner line, and so thus would be trying an extra-fine nib. What are your thoughts on nib sizes for Lamy? What would you choose, a Safari or a Vista? Price is the same for both (so that does not make a difference).


Via: Goulet Pens - Lamy Safari Neon Coral

Via: Goulet Pens - Lamy Vista



  1. I have always loved a really fine line. Use gel pens with very fine points, too. I have two EF Lamy Safaris I bought years ago (red and blue), but I doubt I would buy another one because they write so fat compared to the Japanese pens. I just bought up some Pilot Metropolitan fine pens and I LOVE them--and only $15! I do not like their converter that much, so I use an empty ink cartridge. Holds more.

    The Metropolitan doesn't come in the pizzazzy colors, though. There are people who have collected all the Lamy colors--which is cool! But I think it's a personal preference. I tend to like the demonstrators a lot, but having something really jazzy would be fun! I just realized that was not much of an answer. Sorry. ;)

    1. I like the Lamy because it is so comfortable to write with and smooth! lol. I like fine lines too. Ya know, a while back I think I purchased off of ebay some Japanese fountain pens. I wasn't completely educated on fountain pens back then like I am now, So maybe I should give them a try LOL. I love the colors of the Lamy's, but I also like pen's that look classy, business type. It's all a matter of how it feels when writing with it :)

      Your answer is a good answer :) I was looking for opinions! LOL. Well, maybe I will get a few inked up and review them, I know where they are at but know nothing about them or what kind they are. :-/