Monday, May 19, 2014

Disappointment... J. Herbin Bouquet D'antan Ink

I do not have the pictures available yet for a good review, but I will get it posted shortly. For now, I am borrowing a pictures from Goulet's website (whom I purchased the sample from) to show you what it looks like.

Via: Goulet Pen Company
It is much darker in the picture than it actually least that is how it was for me. It wrote lighter, but dried a tad bit darker. Still not as dark as what I see this picture depicts. But that was on my paperblanks journal (which all my inks and pens seem to write splendid on). So After inking it up, dumping the ink back into the sample container, and re-inking it using a, 18 gauge 3/4in. needle and syringe, I am letting it sit for a few days before I really give it the final review. So far, I am disappointed. However, I thought I was disappointed with Noodler's Blue Nose Bear. That will be saved for a different review :)

Well, the pens and paper are calling my name...oh and so are the dishes  :-/ 


  1. Never tried this one. I am not much one for pinks in the first place. Looks pale een on their website.

    Have you ever been in Goulet's ink drop club?

    1. I am not a huge fan of pinks either, but this one kind of caught my eye. However, so far I am not impressed. I have never tried goulet's ink drop club. I know there is a fee, but do they send you monthly samples? I will have to look into it.