Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ink Review: Diamine Ancient Copper

The long awaited (for me) testing and review of Diamine's Ancient Copper Ink!

I first spotted this ink on Goulet Pens website and was taken back and how beautiful it looked. I, personally, have always liked burnt orange or copper colors. Dreaming of a future muscle car in a burnt copper color. This ink is inked up in my 2014 Bluegreen Lamy Al-star. (Yes I oops'd and but Safari. When in all actuality I have a different ink in my Yellow Safari pen (which I think I will have a review for in the near future!)

This ink is a beautiful smooth writing ink. The hardest part of doing reviews, that I find, is getting the right lighting to accurately show the true tones and colors of the different inks. So if my pictures look different in brightness...well, yea my lighting is by far from being professional.

As beautiful as this ink is, it does remind me of an ink I recently used that I was on the fence about. Noodler's Antietam. The two inks were very similar, and I am thinking that I may do a comparison review of both inks in the future (just need more pens so I can actually have multiple inks going at the same time, hehehe).

Drying times were fairly reasonable.

Overall, I think this is an ink that I will have to put in my favorite inks "collection". It writes nicely, has good flow and character.... Yup, I am pleased.

Future Reviews:

  • Noodler's Burma Road Brown
  • Noodler's Blue Nose Bear


  1. Yes, it is like a deep burnt orange. I like these colors, too. Never knew that until I could buy samples at Goulet Pens--LOL! I would never have been brave enough to buy a whole bottle of wild colored ink without trying it out. Have you ever tried Noodler's Apache Sunset? I love that ink! :) I'll be waiting for a side by side comparison. I've never done one with those two inks.

    1. I am like you and could never buck up and buy a bottle of ink without knowing if I like it! For example, there is one I bought a sample of that I do not like (thankfully it is only $1.25 compared to $12 or more!). I will be reviewing that one as well. I have not tried Noodler's Apache Sunset...let me go look at it.....

      So I looked. On Goulet's website, the swab they have looks yellow, but when they wrote with it, it looks like its a mix of yellow and a darker orange. Beautiful in the writing, not so great looking on the swab...I might have to try it. Some of the reviews I have read are mixed on it. I will add that to my next sample stash that I get :)