Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Winter Horse Photography & Updates

Well, I figured that I would share some photography while I wait for some new "surprises" to arrive in the mail. I was expecting them Thursday (tomorrow) however it appears via the USPS website that they will not arrive until Friday! Bummer. So be on the look out for some pen and possibly more ink reviews in the near future.

This is my good friend's mare. She is a beautiful roan Quarter Horse. Both of her horses are absolutely stunning. My photography is not that great with Horses and animals yet...moving targets can be a little tricky to photograph (especially at night, which it was nearing dark when I took these pictures).

This is her other horse, a Quarter Horse gelding. I absolutely love this guy, he is such a cuddle bug! And a BIG cuddle bug at that!

My (dirty) Appaloosa gelding Bruno. Yes, his eyes tend to creep a LOT of people out. He has two blue eyes. However, he is the sweetest and most gentle boy to handle.

This shot was not one I took purposefully to "hang on the wall". It was just a cute shot that I took. The black mare on the left is my husband's horse Gracie. Bruno (in the middle) who is not very fond of Lobo (Sorrel on the right) being so close to him. Horses will be horses as the saying goes.

This was a beautiful shot of the creek in the horses pasture. I hope to do some more photography in the very near future. So look forward to that, and if you like this pictures, come check out my Flickr account, where you can see more of my work.


  1. They are all beautiful! What gorgeous landscape, too. I hope your order comes tomorrow! :)

    1. They did! Two of the three packages I was expecting came! Yay! Reviews are soon to come!