Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Conklin Stylograph Fountain Pen - Review

Anyone who truly knows me, understands my love for plaid or vintage looking things. This pen fits the bill. Now, as I got a screaming deal on this pen (considering for what it sells for)...Well, let's just get to the review!

Brand: Conklin
Model: Stylograph Mosiac
Nib Size: Medium
Price: $145 at Conklin  or around $116 at other retailers.
Other info:Takes a converter (Comes with one with most retailers) 
Also takes cartridges.
Made out of resin and nicely polished chrome trim.
The clip is spring loaded; so easy to get on and off.

What makes this pen a pleasure to use is it's comfort. The nib is a flexible Cushion point steel nib. This feature only adds to the pleasure of this writing instrument. The coating on the fountain pen is smooth and is somewhat shimmery too. I suppose that just adds to the appeal  as well!

My writing experience with this pen has been pleasurable thus far. I always recommend flushing every new pen you receive BEFORE inking it up. This is said to help reduce the likelihood of problems arising when first writing with it. Plus it is just good "house-keeping" for your pens. (I use distilled water and a bulb syringe to flush my pens out most of the time).

Well, this pen is smooth! 99.8% buttery smooth. There may be just the ever so slightest hint of feedback.. You can just barely tell that the pen is touching the paper. So for people like me, perfect pen! It has a tad bit more feedback on cheap copy/printer paper (and thus also writes a more fine line on that kind of paper as well too). So depending on the paper you use, depends on the line width you may get.

Very nicely polished chrome fittings

Conklin logo. I love the font...

From Left to Right - Lamy Studio, Lamy Al-Star, Conklin Stylograph, Pilot Prera

The above photo gives you a decent idea of the size of the pen. Now, all these pens fit nicely in my hands while writing. However, I have average/medium hands. For the wieght of this pen, I would say that it is similar to the Lamy Studio (The gray/silver on all the way to the left). The stylograph is almost darn near the same in length/size to the Lamy Studio as well.

I would not say that I write with the pen capped. It seems at that point to feel too top heavy. So, thus, I keep the cap in  a separate safe place while writing.

So in my honest opinion, this pen is worth the money. It performs beautifully! And is in a decent price range for what you get - however I do suggest shopping around at other places. You may just find a better deal at an online auction site or somewhere else. Until then, my friends and fellow writers, have a great rest of your 2014 year and see you in the New Year 2015!

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  1. Since you like plaid the shimmery colors must be even better in person. Sounds like you found a perfect fit for you and a great deal, too. :)