Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Nemosine Singularity - Review

Don't mind the specks of stuff by the nib...we had been making Christmas cookies earlier.... hehehe

Brand: Nemosine
Model: Singularity
Color:  Ivory
Nib Size: 0.8mm stub
Other Info:  Takes a cartridge or converter. 
Material is said to be Resin. Chrome trim. Stainless steel
nib that is made in Germany.

This pen was actually quiet the pleasure to write with. Besides the one main issue I had with ink leaking at the top of the cap (See pics below), it performed fairly well. It did skip from time to time, however it was pretty rare that it did so. This pen was ink'd up with "Diamine Monaco Red" .  The 0.8mm stub nib was just perfect in that I could use it for calligraphy AND even writing in my journal. And there is nothing better than a dual purpose pen! I would not say that the nib is buttery smooth, however it writes nicely; with just a slight bit of feedback. The grip section feels great. Even after writing for a while, it doesn't get slippery or anything. The nib is a German made nib (which I fancy). Overall, I would say that you get a pretty decent pen for a reasonable price.

  • Smooth writer. 
  • Fairly light-weight
  • Reasonable price

  • Leakage at the cap
  • Twist cap

As you can see, there is some leakage on the cap

So, in regards to the cap leaking. I have no clue  why it is doing this, and it does not do it all the time. When I saw this, I opened up the pen and saw a small bit of ink pooled up in the cap. It is not like it leaked droplets from the cap. This could present a problem if it travels regularly. My assumption is that the ink became pooled in the cap due to frequent and possibly rough movement. My daily usage pens are kept in a 12 pen leather case. That case gets frequent abuse in my purse, and is set in many different directions. I treat it almost like a wallet...but for my pens instead of debit cards, my ID and such. If it makes it any better, this was not the only pen in that case to have some ink in the cap or excessive ink on the nib.

The cap, which is neatly engraved "Nemosine" on the chrome


  1. I have, and love, a Nemosine Singularity demonstrator (medium). It's a real wet writer, reasonably smooth and reliable. I don't carry it around much, but I have noticed a few small drops of ink in its cap, and I think I've heard that that's fairly typical. I should really clean them out... I think this is a pen that, with heavy shaking of any kind, would spew out some droplets of ink. So that's a reminder to me to take care with it. But Nemo (yes, I nickname all my fountain pens) is one of the pens that I would gladly buy again. Happy holidays to you and yours!

    1. Thank you Eva! Happy Holidays to you as well!
      I would agree with you that the Nemosine line are pretty wet writers. I also have another Nemosine Neutrino (in Gunmental) - which is much heavier in weight and is also a fairly wet writer also. I have not noticed any leakage in that on yet. I have a calligraphy nib on that one. I will be doing a review hopefully really soon on that Nemosine as well. I agree that they are fairly decent pens for the price! In comparison, they are not as sturdy with shaking as per say... a Lamy. But then you have a huge price difference too! :) Thank you for reading!