Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Edison Nouveau "Autumn Harvest" Fall 2014 Edition

Pen Make: Edison
Model: Nouveau Fall 2014 "Autumn Harvest"
Color: Yellow, Gold, light browns
Nib Specs: Fine point; two tone
Other: Cartridge or Converter filling system. Can only be purchased at Goulet Pens.

The Edison Nouveau. A pen specifically and ONLY available at The Goulet Pen Company. You can order an Edison pen just about anywhere. But you cannot get an Edison Nouveau unless you go through Goulet, as it is a "Goulet Exclusive" only pen. This pen is their 2014 Fall Edition. They will be discontinuing this pen very soon! So come get it while you can.

My Experience

This pen is beautiful. I have always loved amber or autumn colored pens and inks. So the beautiful colors of the acrylic resin are a bonus. Surprisingly this pen is very comfortable to write with as well. I would say that it is medium - light weight and very comfortable to hold. Even when it is posted, it is not top heavy. Which, by the way, this pen posts beautifully; very snug. The cap is a twist cap as well as the body.

This pen was pretty nice to write with. The first ink I chose to write with was Diamine Autumn Oak - which color fit this pen perfect! It brought out the shading and that ink definitely was true to it's name "autumn" as it brought out some very wonderful autumn colors. For a few weeks, it wrote great. Then I noticed that it was writing drier. It appears that the nib on this Edison pen likes to attract ink...ink that wants to dry on it. Such an issue may have caused what followed...

 The tines on the end of the nib tweaked out of alignment (one tine was slightly higher than the other). I tried writing with it and the pen was so horribly scratch, it was miserable to attempt to write! So I messed with the tines all that I could, since I was at work when that happened. I was able to mess with the tines to get them back in place and I was off writing...although it still seemed a bit off after that incident. It took a good cleaning and re-inking with a more "wet" ink (Noodler's 54th Massachusetts) to get back writing. Even with an ink that is generally a wet performer in most of my other pens, especially the Lamy's, the ink did not flow as expect at first. I finally had to twist the piston and let down some more ink flow before it started writing and performing better. I have noticed that even with the Noodler's ink, the nib still collects ink at the end of the tines and seems to dry there.

This pen does have some feedback and scratchy feeling while writing. Maybe it is due to quality control (nibs?) on the product, or maybe that is just how these pens were designed. But I may look into switching to a Goulet nib later on down the road. The nib would be great for those who like a little feedback and like knowing that the pen is on the paper. I tend to like a more buttery smooth nib most of the time. However, I will definitely be keeping this pen in regular use.

So, if this is a pen that may fancy you, head on over to Goulet Pens and order it before it is gone. This beautiful pen can be purchased for $149.

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  1. That's a shame! Maybe you should let Goulets know. You shouldn't have trouble with the nib all the time like that. I would think they would have the pen fixed up properly for you in no time. :)