Friday, January 2, 2015

Conklin Duragraph Fountain Pen "Amber" - Review

Another lovely pen from Conklin that I purchased a while back. The Conklin Duragraph in "Amber". Gorgeous pen with lots of shimmer. I tried my best to capture (with the light I had) the best qualities of this pen. Now, onto the review...

Brand: Conklin
Model: Duragraph
Color: "Amber" edition
Nib Size: Stub nib
Price: $44 (average)
Other: Takes a cartridge or converter.
Twist cap
Chrome trim and resin body.

It definitely was a bit tricky to capture the beauty of this pen with the lighting I had. It is so much better in person than what I can photograph! A pen that is comfortable to use, easy to use, durable, and reliable for a reasonable price...who could ask for more?!

Black and Orange "Amber" swirls.

I love copper and burnt orange colors. Amber is actually my birthstone as well, so no wonder it is a favorite for me! And the best part is no pen is made exactly alike. So the swirl patters from one Duragraph pen to the next will be completely different. Elegance, beauty, artwork.... okay, ya get the point.

More swirls....

Stub nib (Different from an Italic nib)

A true stub nib... Smooth! I have a Lamy 1.1mm Italic nib pen...and this Conklin writes smoother than it ANY day. It can sit for days - a week - without being touched and starts right up (part of that has to do with the ink as well). There is a bit of feedback, however, but nothing compared to my other italic or stub pens. And much to my surprise, this pen is a decently wet writer. Now I did have to "prime" it, so to speak, to get a tad more ink flow when I first inked it. That has everything to do with preference. I like a nice wet writer in my stubs and calligraphy type pens. 

For weight, I would consider this a medium -heavy weight pen. Now it is not as heavy as say a Sheaffer 100 Chrome pen. However, it is definitely heavier in comparison to a Lamy Safari or Al-Star.

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  1. Great review Ashley! And good looking pen, too. Adding it onto my (long) shopping list...

    1. Ian.
      Thank you! It is a lovely pen. You will be happy when you purchase it, that is for sure! I too have quiet the extensive pen shopping list as well! I have to update mine eventually.

  2. What ink did you have in this gorgeous pen. I love the coppery-amber color, too. Very pretty. :)

    1. Rita
      Thank you! It was Diamine Autumn Oak. I will definitely be purchasing this ink as it has performed beautifully in several pens! Gorgeous ink, beautiful character and shading!

  3. Bought one about a month ago, a fine nib. Love it; the smoothest pen I have.