Friday, January 30, 2015

February - A Month of Letters

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The joys of writing a letter with your favorite fountain pen! In February we celebrate the event known as a "Month of Letters". The point - write one letter each day of the month. To a family member, friend, acquaintance, whomever you choose! Maybe write a letter each day to your children or spouse. Keepsakes. Last summer my aunt in Montana passed away. When her daughters found a keepsake box, they discovered letters that she had written to them. Letters that she never sent; that were never meant to be sent. Letters to be discovered many years after the date in which she wrote them. I can only imagine what the letters contained. Words of wisdom, loving words of encouragement, knowledge to be shared, and possibly even personal experiences. Who knows! Personally, I have been thinking of doing something similar for my children. Writing letters  to them and putting them in a keepsake box. I could even go further in the look of the letter and have them sent back to myself (with their names addressed on the envelopes).

There is even a Facebook page/community dedicated to this Month of Letter writing called "A Month of Letters Challenge"

Over at the Well Appointed Desk, they also talk about Letter Writing Month. There are even some ideas to get you involved and started in writing some letters.

And why not add some style to your letters this month as well...with snazzy heart stamps.

A card to a friend telling them that they are in your thoughts, with some well wishes. A letter to the grandma whom you have not heard from in forever. A letter to a parent. Anyway that you can think of celebrating this event, do so in an enjoyable manner. Have fun with it!


  1. Somehow I missed February being National Letter Writing Month all these years...or however long since it was made official. I love getting handwritten letters and writing them--and have since I was nine and got my first pen pal. I am delighted this is the Month of Letters and hope more people will be writing before it becomes a lost art. :)

    1. I agree! I hope to start writing letters tomorrow! I am not sure if I can find some 28 (24 if you do not count Sundays) people to write to. So I will have to be creative! I love receiving hand written mail. Makes a person feel special.