Thursday, November 20, 2014

INK REVIEW: Diamine Autumn Oak

Brand: Diamine
Ink: Autumn Oak
Color(s): Gold; yellow; orange tint
Price: $12.95 for 80ml bottle ( Approximately .16 cents per ML)

This is one of those inks that you purchase that ends up surprising you. Most of my past experience with light colored inks is that they are too light to write with. However, anyone who even knows a liuttle about me by now knows that I am a fan of Diamine and Noodler's inks. I probably should do a more in-depth review of this ink. Maybe down the road I can do a comparison review (since I have a decent collection of yellow/orange colored inks.

Inked up in an Edison Nouveau fine point fountain pen (2014 fall edition - so yes, it matched quite splendidly!). The shading of this ink is wonderful. As you can see from #1 writing sample, there is lots of character in this ink. Light strokes of yellow followed by darker strokes of a more orange tint. True to it's name "Autumn Oak" It definitely shows all the colors of autumn oak trees.

This ink definitely is not as wet as one may like, yet it performs beautifully. Dry times are fairly good too, depending on the paper you use. There is extremely minimal (if at all) feathering when writing, but again that also can depend on the brand of paper you are using. All around, this is a great ink for the fall months - or whenever you want to write with something bright and cheery.

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