Sunday, February 15, 2015

InCoWriMo month! Write Away!

We are halfway through InCoWriMo month! I have sent out a few letters, but would love to send out more letters to people! I came across this website link from Rhodia Drive that has people wanting to send/receive letters this year and meet new people! I too am on this list and would love to meet some new people and make some new friends! So send me an email if you would like my mailing address and I will be glad to reply!

Happy InCoWriMo everyone!


  1. Wow! I just went and looked at all the commenters with all the addresses. I haven't even written you back yet--LOL! Anyone who gets a letter from you will be amazed by your handwriting because it is so beautiful! I am too slow to put my address in the hat, but I did write down a few. They may be shocked to get a short note months from now--LOL! ;) But you will get a letter sooner than that, never fear. I like to have some good, quality time to really sit down and chat. So glad you asked me!! :):)

    1. Oh Rita! Thank you, you are too kind! I gladly await your letter, no rush :) I understand how busy life can be! I just figured I would get a couple of address' on the list and send some more people some letters :) It is actually quiet fun!!