Sunday, August 31, 2014

Preview: Monteverde Jewelria Brown Swirl

Well, it is time for a "Preview" review. I recently purchased this pen from the Goulet Pen Company a few days ago and was able to get some quick shots before I had to return to work again. Here is a preview with some pictures and a quick bit of info.

Quick Information

Pen Brand and Model: Monteverde Jewelria
Color: Brown (Swirl)
Nib Type: 1.1mm Stub

I haven only been writing with this pen for a few days and currently have it inked up with Stipula Sepia - Thank you Ink Nouveau for giving me the idea. My first impressions of the pen were pretty positive. This pen is gorgeous! It has a nice mocha looking color with a caramel swirl patter...and did I mention it looks like it was glazed with glitter too!

It does not feel cheaply made. I would say it is medium in weight. So far it has been comfortable to write with, however I usually prefer writing with an instrument for at least a week before I consider doing an online review with inks included.

The one thing that has been in any way negative is the cap. It is a twist cap. I like pull of caps, so this has definitely been something to get used to. Not something I usually enjoy in a pen, but considering how it feels and writes, I think it is something I could overcome.

Well, I am looking at doing a FULL review of this pen and how it performs in the very near future. Right now, it's just about aesthetics.


  1. It is a really gorgeous pen! My TWSBI mini pen has a screw on top. Not my favorite, either, but I discovered that it takes a lot longer for the ink to dry up in that pen compared to my other pens. I've wondered if it because it has a better seal. I do love my TWSBI and got used to the screw on top. This pen is really beautiful and I'll be waiting for the review. :)

    1. Thank you! I look forward to doing the review! I will likely be also doing a comparison between the Monteverde Jewelria and my Lamy Joy. Both 1.1mm stubs. TWSBI is one of the next couple pens on my list. I would really love to get the Rose Gold one. I still, at times, catch myself attempting to pull the cap off of my Monteverde Jewelria..Hopefully I can break the habit, and soon! LOL