Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ink Review: Diamine Graphite

Diamine Graphite
Oh how it feels so good to be back doing reviews again! I have so many inks that I need to do reviews on (and a few more to purchase and add to my "Wishlist" as well!). Anyhow, back to my review of this next lovely ink.

Diamine Graphite. 

Pen: Lamy Vista Extra-Fine point nib

While some changes are in the works for a better "Mircro" lens for the camera and some higher quality ink review paper, basic copy paper will have to do for now.

Diamine Graphite is a beautiful, beautiful ink! Even from my extra fine Lamy Vista, this ink flows beautifully, almost too wet for my taste. It throws more of a Fine-Medium line while writing.

So let me list off the pro's and con's.

  • Tends to bleed through much easier, especially if left in one area too long.
  • Feathering at times (again depends on the paper you use, but copy paper it feathers BAD)
  • Some nib creepage.


  1. Thanks for the review. I would never think of Graphite having a green tint to it. I'm a huge Diamine fan so next sample order I may give this one a try

  2. Thank you for reading! I didn't think it had any green in it also until I did a swab. It turned out to show a bit more green. Even outside of looking at the photo, there is a small hint of like dark forest green with the gray. When I wrote with it, I did not notice it. Beautiful ink though! I high suggest it.

  3. Yes, it has quite a green tint to it. Copy paper it the worst for feathering, so that wouldn't deter me. I like to use fine nibs, too, and some inks are so dry with a fine. Nice to know this one isn't. :)

  4. I was a bit thrown back when I noticed the green tint, Rita.
    I am looking at getting some decent white (not cream) paper to do my ink reviews on. Thinking about a Rhodia Ice grid pad. I hear they have great paper and it won't likely feather.
    I have also had some bad luck with inks being too dry in a fine nib :( De Atramentis inks are one of those inks that especially in a fine or extra fine nib, they are horribly dry! I am not a fan of that ink.