Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Special Delivery: Monteverde Touch Screen Stylus Fountain Tool Pen

Yes, oh yes it has arrived! In quiet the speedy manner I might ad. Ordered Sunday, arrived today! Thank you Goulet Pens for your speedy shipping.

Perfection in it's finest form (For a multi purpose tool)
I was so ecstatic today when I checked on the tracking of my new pen just to find out that it was due to be delivered. Went to the mailbox and there it was, waiting.

As you might notice, I chose to go for the silver instead of the black color. I was more worried about scratches from possible rough handling. Knowing that black tends to show scratches easier, I went with the silver.

Holding this pen was a delight. I do not like things that feel light and cheaply made. This pen did not disappoint, that is for sure. Heavy weight feeling, and tough is how I would describe this pen. Should it be dropped, I am not too worried about it breaking or chipping. Well worth the money, in my opinion. The main reason I got this pen was for the Stylus (since I use my tablet a lot and do not have a nice pen/stylus with me). Not only that, but it has several other functions as well!

A screw driver (Phillips and flathead), a bubble level, a ruler, a stylus, and a pen all wrapped into one awesome made tool. Now sadly they did not have a fine nib for this and I had to stick with a medium nib. I tend to like the thinner lines when writing. But it will do for now. I may do some scouting around later on and see if I can get a fine point nib.

When writing in a Moleskine, I did notice that it bled through quiet a bit. But that may have everything to do with the ink? Could also be how I write as well ( I am one of those that adds a bit of weight when writing).  I have yet to try writing in my Paperblanks journal which I do believe has heavier paper than a Moleskine. I am sure it will handle well though.

Overall, I am impressed with this instrument and tend to use it regularly with my Saddleback Leather Notepad Holder.

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