Sunday, March 23, 2014

A New Find: Monteverde One Touch Stylus Tool Fountain Pen

Yes, believe it or not, I have found something else that I could put to really good use. And it uses cartridges, so I am not fussing with loading ink or anything like that. (which I prefer cartridges anyhow). A Fountain pen and stylus all in one (Plus some extra added features like a bubble level, ruler, and a flat head and Phillips screw driver). And for only $40, it seems to be a great deal.

Via: Pen Chalet

Honestly I do not care for the yellow style that this review says they only make. It appears on in black and silver/white. I think if I purchased this, a black one would be in order.

With that being said, for my fellow pen enthusiasts, I would like to bring to your attention that Pen Chalet is running a "Give Away" contest. Visit their page for more information. For those interested in purchasing pens and getting a good deal (10% off), enter code SHEZCOUNTRYSTRONG to receive 10% off any item at Pen Chalet . Have a wonderful evening!

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