Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Photography Share

With the kind of month I have had (2 goat kids die, a third had to be put down), I wanted to share some of the more positive things for me... photography!

A bucket-o-goats! Sadly one of them in this picture was one of the kids we lost,  but it's still a cute photo. Trying to get 7 kids in a bucket and to stay in a bucket is no easy deal.

Feeding time! I had to be quick with this rear shot. My husband was putting hay in their feeder for them.  A good handful of our Nigerian Dwarfs,  but not all of them.

Sebastian.  Born outn of a new doe and buck. He was 1 of three babies, however sadly one of his brothers didn't make it :(.

Lady, our 10 (ish) year old Alpine x Boer doe who have us triplets this year!  2 girls and 1 boy. We are keeping both her daughters.

Millie, one of our doeling girls born this year.

And my favorite shot of a country road...


  1. Sorry to hear you lost a total of three babies. Triplets must be unusual, isn't it? Hard to lose some, but you sure do have some cute, bouncing baby goats to cheer you up!! :)

    1. Yes, it is hard losing them. Twins are most common, even triplets, but quads or more is definitely more unusual. The typical goat will have 2 to 4 kids per litter (as they call it).I go out daily and get baby goat kisses. That would cheer anyone up. :)