Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Platinum Balance - Review

Pen: Platinum Balance
Nib: Fine
Color: Blue with Gold trim. (Available in several other colors)
Ink System: Takes cartridge or converter
Other Info: Comes in several different colors

The Platinum Balance. This is a pen that I have been dying to try for quiet some time now (I know, a shocker for this Lamy lover!). I was able to try this pen with two different inks. Noodler's 54th massachusets and Diamine Shimmer Magical Forest.

I was quiet impressed with this pen. It feels really good to write with alone or capped. Maybe that is why they called it a Balance? Anyhow, the nib is beautiful. It is so smooth with just a hint of feedback - which is how I like it. And the best part...... it has some flex when you write! The nib will flex, which allows for some variation in my writing.

The pen is comfortable to hold for longer periods of time - which you do not always find on many pens. I notice that when I hold the grip section, even after some time, my fingers do not slip. They also do not cramp either. I am able to comfortably and freely write for long periods of time.

It is easy to fill and takes a converter or Platinum Cartridge. This pen is also very easy to clean and flush after each use. It's easy to disassemble and re-assemble. Another plus that I must mention is the cap... yes the cap. A good portion of the pens I have are twist cap. Which isn't  necessarily something that really bothers me one way or another. However, when you are taking lots of notes, it is nice to just pull the cap off and then snap it on when your done. A twist cap might take a few more seconds to put on/take off, but it's so nice to be able to just write. With this pen, I can do so. The cap also fits on the pen nice and snug, which helps to keep the ink from drying. You can also write with the cap on the pen, where it fits snugly.

Overall, I really like this pen and would definitely buy another one in the future. This pen retails for $53, however you can currently purchase this pen at Pen Chalet for $42.40. And if you click the link below you can save an Additional 10% on top of any sale prices(and fast shipping!).

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